At The Grit & Grace Collective, we believe that life is a mixture of falling down and getting back up. It’s trying again, asking for help, and when you’re ready, reaching a hand out to others.

To us, that’s what makes this life rich and meaningful and when we are brave enough to do that, we make room for others to do the same.

That’s why I created a space exclusively focused on building women up. We exist to support, encourage, and champion amazing women like you.

This is a community for women, where Grit & Grace unite us and lead us forward to a better tomorrow.

Best, Krystal
Best, Krystal

Krystal Bolinger, Founder of The Grit & Grace Collective, lives in Fenton, Mo. with her husband, two young boys, and their dog.  She is a freelance writer and co-founder, and Director of Grit & Grace Ranch, operating in Hillsboro, MO. Krystal considers her life as an entrepreneur as her favorite “hobby” and believes she is called to use her gifts to serve others.